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This page list the changes made by the Staff Team to Ragnarok Travels mechanics and database parameterization, in comparison to official pre-renewal servers.

Why does Ragnarok Travels make changes?

Ragnarok Travels is a proponent of strict traditionalism, and enjoying Ragnarok Online how it was intended to be played. We prefer the authentic experience, and generally do not make changes or deviate from Gravity's parameterization. If changes are made, they are generally small and in the interest of server health. It is also worth noting that at times official servers varied quite significantly from one another in some areas, so in that sense it can said that Ragnarok Travels is more official than many official servers were.



Not possible.

Skill changes


Drop changes


Item changes


Experience deviations

None. Official rates.

Monster changes

Spawn changes


Respawn timers


Monster skill changes

None, though we have the latest pre-renewal class skill fixes to avoid forcing players to remake builds due to the flux that occured while Gravity was nailing down balance. To keep parity monster skills also have the latest fixes and updates. In practice, this only applies to MVPs.

Map deviations


Monster name changes


War of Emperium deviations


Mechanics deviations

None. And unlike Hercules and rAthena, our mechanics are fully accurate in respect to official servers.

Inflation control

The selling price of Blue Potions have been reduced from 2500z to 1000z.


The amount of zeny capable of being pumped into the economy through selling Blue Potions to NPCs is the same whether there are 15000 daily players or a small fraction of that. It's hard-capped based on Blue Plant spawns and the NPC selling price of Blue Potions. A stream of zeny balanced with the assumption that it would be distributed among thousands of concurrent players competing for limited herb spawns is too much for a server with a small population.
Lord J, Admin

Quest changes

iRO Repeatable Quests

Not available.

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